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Out of all the dog breeds, why a pug?!?

Yappy Friday! So I'm curious to find out how all our Greenville Pug Meetup members came to know, love and pick pugs as their chosen breed, since the AKC recognizes 197 breeds. Or if you have another breed (i.e., frenchie, pekingese, etc.), how did you come to choose that breed? I'll start us off :)

I grew up with a border terrier (if you've ever seen the original Benjii movie, Molly looked exactly like that). When I was in high school, one of my best friend's parents got him a black pug named Waldo. I don't know that I had ever seen a pug in person before and it was love at first sight! So I begged my parents for one. I grew up playing competitive junior tennis, and I was in a tournament and my next match was against a girl I rarely beat. So my mom told me if I beat her, we could get a pug (thanks Mom?!?). So I won and we got a pug. I wanted to name her Piggy (for obvious snorting reasons), but my dad and brother decided on Abbey. I've since owned 4 more pugs (2 of which are alive today--Mollie & Cooper). So I've been "Little Miss Pug Lover" ever since my first pug encounter.

Comment below and let us know how you came to know, love and choose pugs (or other breed)...or did they choose you?!?


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