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Welcome to the Greenville Pug Meetup!

Welcome pugs, pug-lovers and pug friends!

— Recommendations (vets, daycare/boarding, dog sitters/walkers, groomers, training, food/supplies, rescues, breeders, etc.) are here

— Meetups: You don’t have to own a pug to attend. If you know someone interested in owning a pug, invite them to join our group! If they aren’t on FB, have them visit

— Have an idea for a meetup (theme, location, etc.)? Let me know!

— Therapy Dogs: Several members’ pugs are certified therapy dogs. Interested? I’m happy to answer questions and send you an info packet. The ATD website is

— Discussion posts: If you have questions or need advice on your pug, feel free to create a post on the FB group page or email me to get feedback. We have a great network of people in the group with a lot of experience, so they are a great resource!

— SWAG: We have Greenville Pug Meetup t-shirts, hats and dog shirts available

— Feel free to message, email or text/call me anytime with questions, concerns, feedback, etc! My phone# is 864-567-9357 and my email is

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