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What is the Greenville Pug Meetup?

The Greenville Pug Meetup is a local group of pug and pug mix owners and pug lovers.  We get together monthly to socialize our pugs at dog parks and local dog-friendly establishments. Don’t own a pug, want to be a future pug owner, or just a fan of the breed? For the love of pugs—you are always welcome! Our meetups are also kid friendly, so bring the entire family!

Why join the Greenville Pug Meetup?

More than anything, we are a pug family. We enjoy getting together with our pugs, pug owners and pug lovers to not only have fun, but give back to our local communities in the Upstate and surrounding areas. Above all, we are inclusive. We welcome all small, smushy face dogs to our group—pugs, pug mixes, shih tzus, boston terriers, pomeranians, pekingese, etc. 

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